Student Population Information
4x4 Schedule

Student Population Information
Numbers of students served at school: 1,954 Students

  • The community around SDA is in general a beach community near the ocean. The schools supports a casual atmosphere that is all about the students. Parents have a strong influence on the community.
  • The neighborhoods surrounding the school is comprised of families with a high socioeconomic status.
  • 12.7% of the students are registered for free/reduced meals.
  • In general, students live anywhere from the homes surrounding the school up to a 15 minute drive away.
  • The Political Climate of Community is generally Republican.
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  • School Mission & Teaching Philosophy: San Dieguito Academy is a learning community which nurtures the individual, promotes academic rigor, provides varied opportunities for success, values excellence, and celebrates creative expression.
  • School Personnel Info:sda2.jpg
    • 4 Administrators
    • 62 Teachers, 28 with Master's degrees, 12.7 years experience on average.
  • Reputation of School Overall:
    • The reputation of the school is very good.
    • They have about 3.5% of the population are EL's
    • They have an API score of 854 (about 9 points higher than the previous year) however, some subgroups did not increase scores.Campus Architecture:
    • It is an old campus, originally built in 1930 as a public service project in under the FDR New Deal.
    • The school has had many additions including the School’s gymnasium in the 1970’s the new library in 2006 and finally the brand new theater this year. The school is very spread out and has no inside hallways, there are even many views of the ocean.
  • Participation of Community in School Activities:
    • There are often community events on campus, like their student plays. They also have events like exhibition day which allows students to show off their talents to their peers.
    • Organizations include: ASB, 20 sports among boys and girls teams, and over 50 student run clubs
    • Many ROP programs which include wood shop, metal shop, auto shop, CAD/Drafting, and Photo.
    • They have begun a program which includes students running and budgeting for school lunches. They named, designed and organized the new cafetria concept, called the "Mosaic" which is completely student run.
    • The new theater is run by Intrepid Shakespeare Troupe which helps teach students as well as preforms their own shows.
  • Famous Alumni
    • Tim and Jon Forman of the band Switchfoot
    • John Fairchild, Pro Basketball Player of the LA Lakers and Anaheim Amigos
    • Rob Machado, Pro Surfer
    • Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam
    • Keith Kartz of the Denver Broncos

4x4 Schedule
  • SDA features a unique 4x4 schedule. Students take 8 classes per year, four in the fall, and four in the spring. Students complete a core curriculum as well as having room for electives.
  • SDA offers 23 honors/AP courses including: English
  • Graduation requirements:
    • Minimum of 230 credits (5 for each quarter class passed with a D or better). Students must also demonstrate proficiency in English and math by passing the California High School Exit Exam. All graduates must also pass Algebra I.
      • 40 credits in English
      • 30 credits in math
      • 20 credits in science
      • 20 credits in physical education
      • 5 credits in health or 10 credits in PE/health
      • 10 credits in world history
      • 10 credits in United States history
      • 10 credits in economics/government
      • 10 credits in visual performing arts
      • 10 credits in practical arts