Diagnostic Assessment for Time Travel:
We will use a Synetics approach to have students show what they know and understand about Time Travel. With this information, we will evaluate what they know and relate it to so we decide which sources to bring in and what specifically should be discussed to connect these ideas successfully to Flatland.

Formative Assessment:
Students will create a list of rules for time travelers, detailing the behavior for responsible and ethical travel between dimensions. This will being in response to a selection of video clips and assess students on critical thinking and group work

Formative Assessment:
Each daily assignment will be collected and looked at in an informal manner to make sure everyone is connecting and understanding the book and concepts discussed in class. These will sometimes be geometry problems or written reflections.

Geometry Summative Assessment
This assessment will be assessing the understanding of polygons, their internal angles and all related vocabulary like regular, obtuse and acute. This will be a summative assesment at the end of the unit to see if they understand the math that was introduced.

Informal Summative Assessment for Understanding Flatland:
This assessment will be used to compare the understanding of the 3 different dimensions of the book. Students will need to understand how they are similar and how they are different. They will also be required to draw pictures within it since imagining this lands are very visual.

Summative Assessment for Time Travel:
Students will write a paper detailing what they would like to see in the future considering the economic, social, and global landscapes. Then they will have to reflect and detail what they can do personally to create that future. We want the students to determine how they can shape the future and see it as their responsibility.

Summative Assessment for Service Learning:
The final presentation for the Service Learning portion of the unit will serve as a summative assessment to see how the students did with the project.